Wajjahtu Wajhy Lilladhy Fataras-Samawat Wal Arda : أسطر

Wajjahtu Wajhy Lilladhy Fataras-Samawat Wal Arda

فوائد الذكر
مشاركة فوائد الذكر


• Wajjahtu Wajhy Lilladhy Fataras-Samawat Wal Arda Hanifa Wama Ana Minal Mushrikin. Inna Salaty Wanusuky Wamahyaya Wamamaty Lillahi Rabbil `Alamin, La Sharika Lahu Wabidhalika Umirtu Wana Minal Muslimin. Allahumma Antal Malik, La Ilaha Illa Ant. Anta Rabby Wana `Abduka, Zhalamtu Nafsy Wa`taraftu Bidhanby Faghfir Ly Dhunuby Jami`an Innahu La Yaghfirudh-Dhunuba Illa Ant. Wahdiny Li Ahsanil Akhlaq La Yahdy Li Ahsaniha Illa Ant, Wasrif `Anny Say'aha La Yasrfu `Anny Say'uha Illa Ant. Labbayka Wasa`dayk, Wal Khayru Kulluhu Biyadayk, wash-Sharru Laysa Ilayk. Ana Bika Wailayk, Tabarakta wata`alayt. Astaghfiruka Wa-'Atubu Ilayk


(I have turned my face sincerely towards He who has brought forth the heavens and the Earth and I am not of those who associate (others with Allah). Indeed my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, Lord of the worlds, no partner has He, with this I am commanded and I am of the Muslims. O Allah, You are the Sovereign, none has the right to be worshipped except You. You are my Lord and I am Your servant, I have wronged my own soul and have acknowledged my sin, so forgive me all my sins for no one forgives sins except You. Guide me to the best of characters for none can guide to it other than You, and deliver me from the worst of characters for none can deliver me from it other than You. Here I am, in answer to Your call, happy to serve you. All good is within Your hands and evil does not stem from You. I exist by your will and will return to you. Blessed and High are You, I seek Your forgiveness and repent unto You)."[3]

Reported by Muslim 1/ 534, No. 771.


فوائد الذكر

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